Our Story

In 2005, a friend of ours died suddenly in a motorcylce accident in his early twenties. On the funeral everyone who knew him cried for hours, friends cried along with the family. There were no words to say, no words to ease the pain. This sad event was the first time the idea was formed, what if we could leave a last message, something that might help those who are left behind to ease the pain, to let them remember all the good things we experienced and shared together, and help forget the pain this loss causes.

Who we are

We are three doctors who treat people every day, and – and this is no chliche from a movie – their last thoughts are always about the things they have not told their family.

the team


Our Mission

The problem above encouraged us to create a service where people can leave a message or instructions for their friends and loved ones or maybe even arch-enemies. We strongly believe that everyone deserves this opportunity and therefore we want to create a free system that enables this.

This is why we start a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for the development.

kickstarter campaign

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