Pre-campaign survey results

We conducted a survey among more than 8950 people in the UK and USA in September to prepare the launch of Vidernity. The results were astonishing:  55% of the respondents aged 18-24 answered “yes” to the question “Would you use a free service to leave video messages that would be released after you pass away (you could decide who can see these videos)?”, we saw more likeliness to answer “yes” among women (59.4%).
30.9.2015_survey_post_womenYoung persons embrace the new app in the US as well (among 2,000 persons), as the trend was similar: respondents aged 18-24 were the group with the most positive feedback (“yes”) among all other groups.

To the question “Is there anything you would regret not having told your loved ones / friends if you would pass away right now?” we got more interesting results. Women have significantly more to regret (49.1%) – as anticipated – in every age group, but also one third of the men have concerns over their past actions. As people get older, the percentage drops, maybe we all get a little bit wiser – who knows.
We were almost shocked by the amount positive comments and the results!

Thank you all, who contributed to this survey, soon we are going to announce the results of the prize draw with the name of the lucky one who won our gift card, stay tuned, and sign up for our early bird registration to be among the first who can access the application!

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Web Summit in Dublin

We got an email today, that said “ALPHA: Our Decision”…  i opened it, and BOOM, saw the following:

Dear Vidernity,

I started Web Summit 5 years ago. It came from my frustration attending conferences as a startup founder. I felt conferences could be organised differently using data science. That difference has in 5 short years propelled Web Summit from a tiny conference organised from my couch, to the largest startup conference in the world organised by a team of over 130 people full time.


I really appreciate the time you took to speak with the ALPHA team last week. I know what it’s like starting a company. I also know for the ALPHA team it’s not an easy task selecting startups, but they do an incredible job. Based on their feedback, we’ve decided to select you to be part of the ALPHA class of 2015 at Web Summit.


The program for the class of 2015 starts in the weeks before you arrive in Dublin, and continues long after Web Summit. You’re now part of a truly global community of incredible entrepreneurs, some of whom will build era defining companies. You can read about some of the class of 2014 on our blog.


I look forward to welcoming you to Dublin and meeting you in person on the opening night of Web Summit on November 2.


Best wishes,

Founder & CEO
Web Summit



That’s what i call a good news =)

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Pre-Campaign Survey

We started our pre-campaign survey, where you can win a gift card by sompleting the survey HERE.



Our survey is over, thank you for the 6k participants, we are going to publish the winner and the analysis soon!

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